Having FE prints consult for your event is not just a talk, we will walk with you in all areas of the event:

We are here to help your event look great with a logo, flyers, promo items, shirts, trophies, signs and other printable items.

We will guide you as well as can handle logistics, prep, insurance, permits, security and other logistical items

We are building our athlete base everyday and promoting your event every step of the way.

We have great experience at attainting sponsors and vendors that fit your event and end goal.

If you need more equipment for your event we can take care of all your equipment needs for your event to be a success.

We will not only be with you during planning but present during the event as well. We are great working with volunteers and would love to work right along side them. We are here to support you at a cost affective rate.

We are your one stop event shop.
Contact us to get your event started