How It works

We set your store up on our site and anyone can purchase the apparel with your gyms/business/nonprofit... logo on it. The store length runs for a short time (2-3 weeks) and then we print the order all together. The printing process usually takes around 2 weeks and then we get all the orders to your gym/business/nonprofit... for pick up, all packaged per person. They can also opt to have it mail for a fee to the themselves.


One color one location minimum is 15 items // Two color one location or One color two locations minimum is 30 items. If the minimum is not met you can add to the order or we can print with a process called direct to film print. If the minimus are met the store pays you (it depends on the item and the number of total prints to the profit you make)

 Tips on Your Store

The most profitable and the easiest way to get your minimums is one design that can be on multiple items. You can offer a different design for the different seasons ensuring your minimus will be met. We supply your first 15 items set up online in your store, there is no extra charge, after the first 15 for every 10 additional items there is a $20 charge.

 How To Tell Your Members

Its super easy we will send you a link and you can share it with whomever and they will just purchase strait from that link.


You get to promote your gym/business/nonprofit... with everyone wearing your logo around town, there is no order form you have to keep up with and no sorting.We do all of that for you, and we charge you a store wholesale and the profit comes to you. (*when your mediums are met)